A fun challenge to discover my backyard

August 16, 2023

For the fifth year running, I support my home region with a fun event that is close to my heart: the Challenge Strava des Alpes Vaudoises.

What is it? From July 1 to September 30, everyone can record their time on 8 Strava segments. It’s a mix of great classics like the two sides of the Col de la Croix and lesser-known climbs, between the Rhone valley and the peaks:

(click on each segment for details on Strava).

A ranking is published for cyclists who want to test themselves against the clock, but the challenge encourages discovery above all. Prizes will be drawn at the end of the season to reward participants, based on the following principle: 1 segment ridden = 1 chance of winning, 2 segments = 2 chances, and so on.

It’s a pleasure for me to collaborate in this project, which gives cyclists the chance to discover our corner of paradise. The challenge also brings benefits to the region: every year, more than 1,200 times are recorded, which is sure to generate spin-offs for local tourism. Our climbs make you hungry and thirsty! And in terms of visibility, the challenge generates over 50,000 views with the support of cycliste.ch, the online community of Swiss French cyclists I manage with my wife Lillie.

There’s another, more personal benefit too: the challenge encourages me to record my own times, an incentive that keeps me in shape.

It is very simple to participate:

  1. Join the Alpes Vaudoises Strava club
  2. Record your time between July 1 and September 30 on one or more of the above-mentioned segments.

Regular updates are published on cycliste.ch. Click here for the latest rankings.

Come and discover the region’s climbs… And don’t forget to share your experience by tagging @cycliste.ch and @aswisswithapulse on your posts and stories, we’ll be happy to reshare it.

See you soon on the roads of the Alpes Vaudoises!


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