How to prepare for an ultracycling event?

How to prepare for an ultracycling event

July 22, 2023

The first edition of the Tour des Stations Ultimate, a new ultracycling event in the Swiss Alps, will take place from August 1 to 5, 2023. Two distances are proposed: 555 and 1000 kilometers. I will participate in the latter… wish me luck.

To meet this challenge successfully, you have to be well prepared. And that doesn’t just mean physical training: you also need to choose the right equipment, get your nutrition dialed and have the right position on your bike.

I had the pleasure of hosting a series of videos on these subjects, with the support of R&D Cycling, organiser of the Tour des Stations Ultimate. You can watch them below (turn on captions for English subtitles):

Episode 1: what is the Tour des Stations Ultimate?

With Manuel Rudaz, TDS Ultimate project manager

Episode 2: training

With Anne Geiser and Guillaume Bourgeois (Vélo Perfection)

Episode 3: equipment

With Tom de Wilde (Ciclissimo)

Episode 4: bike fitting

With Ben Coty (Physio Bike)

Episode 5: nutrition

With Didier Mariéthoz (Clinique Zone Vital)

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